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The most outrageous band ever to come from Chicago has to be God Wafer, a six-piece music machine that takes elements of rock, funk, and punk and wraps it up into something they call Funk Punkin' Roll Rock. Their live shows feature an energetic stage presentation which includes props, visual aids and audience participation, as well as incredible musical performances.

God Wafer was formed early in the twenty-first century by guitarist Gusto Tangerine, bassist Superfly Russell and drummer Dyno. The band started playing shows throughout the Midwest and immediately began to develop a loyal following. The band decided to add a member to expand their already dynamic sound, and in 2003, keyboardist/drummer Johnny Everwood joined the group. The stage show started to become more elaborate, including various props, "visual aids" and the development of a dual drum sound, adding a tribal percussive element to the funky groove.

The Host With The Most, the first official God Wafer CD, was released in 2003, followed by a flurry of touring. Early in 2005, God Wafer added vocalists Vapor and Rooftop Honey, completing the vision and propelling the group into new realms of entertaining musical performances. In June 2005, 3 songs from the CD were featured on the Discovery Channel TV series Urban Explorers.

Music For Heathens, the second official God Wafer CD, was released in the autumn of 2006. Early reaction to the songs "Atom Bomb" and "Skin Tone Phone" has been especially positive. God Wafer is currently planning a tour to support the album in early 2007, starting in the Midwest and heading East.




Guitar, Vocal
Gusto is a veteran of the bands Food Chain and Kentucky Jelly, and is known for playing unique chord structures and for on-stage improvisation.

Bass, Vocal
Superfly has played with bands Kentucky Jelly, Tom Foolery and Plado and brings 11 years of bass-thumpin' experience to the band.

Vocal, Guitar
A veteran stage musician, Vapor is a multi-talented performer whose lush vocals add a new dimension to God Wafer.

Rooftop Honey hails from the South. Her smooth vocals add luster and her infectious smile lights up the stage.

Dyno has played since the age of ten and is known for groovy, butt-shakin' beats. Before God Wafer, he played with bands Kentucky Jelly and Tom Foolery.

Keyboards, Other Drums
Johnny brings a punk edge to the band, and has toured with such bands as Just Say No, Food Chain, and The Blunt Objects.

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