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The most outrageous band ever to come from Chicago has to be God Wafer, a six-piece music machine that takes elements of rock, funk, and punk and wraps it all up into something they call Funk Punkin' Roll Rock. Their live shows feature an energetic stage presentation which includes props, visual aids and audience participation, as well as incredible musical performances.

God Wafer Now On YouTube

God Wafer has created a God Wafer channel at You Tube! Watch Wafer videos, post comments and more! Click here to go to the God Wafer You Tube channel!

  God Wafer Seeking Devil Girls

God Wafer is currently seeking a new member to replace our current devil girl, Vapor! Due to a conflict in career choices, Vapor has decided to leave the band, so we are currently seeking a replacement. Requirements include singing ability and dancing! If you can play any instruments such as guitar, keyboards or percussion that would definitely be a plus, but not absolutely necessary. If you think you have what it takes to perform with God Wafer, call Pete at 773-573-2630.

God Wafer on Discovery Channel

Urban Explorers, a new series on the Discovery Channel, has used God Wafer tunes in two of their episodes, one episode featuring Chicago, and the other Buffalo New York. The tunes are from The Host With The Most CD and are as follows: "Pollution Revolution," "Smurf Without A Mom," and "Stinky Sloppy Sweaty Stupid Drunk." The air dates were June 28 and June 29, at 5pm ET/PT, 4 pm CT.

God Wafer Review

Mike O'Cull, a Chicago Music Journalist has just placed a review on his blog Scene and Heard of God Wafer's May 21 show at the Abbey Pub. Mike writes "Their show is dramatic, theatrical, and thought out... through it all, they cling tightly to their concept and stand and deliver. They are completely committed to their version of rock as theater and, as a result, were one of the most memorable and entertaining bands I have seen in many a moon." Thanks Mike!
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"Atom Bomb"
A brand new video, featuring a tune from their upcoming CD release, Music For Heathens!
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"Slapshot Shooter"
A video featuring a tune from their CD release, Music For Heathens!
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"Smoke Rock Now"
God Wafer's first web video, featuring a rockin' tune from their first album, The Host With The Most!
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Get a Taste of the Wafer!
God Wafer wants you to have a taste of Funk Punkin' Roll Rock! Free MP3 Downloads of God wafer songs.
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The guys in the gowns are in the studio recording new tracks! Look for new Wafer media coming your way soon!

God Wafer's
New CD Release

14 brand new tracks from the kings of Funk Punkin' Roll Rock!
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God Wafer's
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8 rockin' tunes for after confession!
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